#6 – Sam Reinhart, C – Kootenay, WHL

TSN – #2
Central Scouting – #3 NAS
ISS – #1
Craig Button – #1
McKeens – #1
THN – #3


UPSIDE: Second Line Center

I realize there are just tons of people who just love this guy. For some reason, whenever I see him play, I see Sam Gagner thought I do expect him to turn out to be better. I think this is a guy who’s had incredible success in juniors but who’s going to find the transition to the pros to be a lot more difficult. There is really no arguing against the numbers, they are phenomenal and have been for years. This is just a gut feeling that he’s just not going to be as good as everyone expects. That said, he should still become a very effective 2nd line center in the NHL if all goes well.


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