#13 – Brett Howden, C – Moose Jaw, WHL

TSN – #24
Central Scouting – #22 NAS
ISS – #20
Craig Button – #18
McKeens – #26
THN – #26

POTENTIAL : Top-9 Two-way Forward
FLOOR: 3rd Line C/LW/RW

I had Quinton Howden ranked in the first round back in 2010 (25th on my list) and I like his younger brother Brett even more this time around. He’s a really solid two-way center with great hockey sense and equal offensive and defensive ability. He was excellent at the U18 tournament where Canada came ever so close to making it to the finals and he was a big part of that team.

He may not be nearly as flashy as a few others ranked in this area of the draft but he’s about as solid as you can get. You’re getting 2nd line upside with two-way potential, that’s got a whole lot of value in today’s NHL. When you consider that if he’s not able to translate into a top-6 forward that there is enough in his game that he’ll seamlessly transition over to a 3rd line in a defensive capacity, that’s where the real value is for me. There’s not much doubt in my mind that he’ll be a good NHL player for a long time.


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