(HM) – Livio Stadler, LD – Zug, SWISS.

Central Scouting – #78 ES
ISS – #124
Craig Button – N/R
McKeens – N/R

NHL COMPARABLE : Dennis Seidenberg
POTENTIAL : Bottom Pairing D-man
CEILING: #5 Defenseman

I absolutely LOVED what I saw from Livio Stadler at last year’s U-18 tournament as a 16 year old. Unfortunately, the progression that I anticipated would occur didn’t and his development seems to have stalled a bit. This is also something that I saw with a player I really liked last year (Parker Wortherspoon – 4th round [112th]- NYI) who had a real strong year as a 16 year old only to have a so-so season his draft year. Wotherspoon seemed to get it going again this past year and had a nice season with Tri-City that earned him an NHL contract with the Islanders.
I think based on what Stadler shown at the 2015 U-18s, he could very well be a late-round flyer that some team takes a chance on. Teams could do a lot worse with a late 6th or 7th round pick with this player. His comparable for me is Dennis Seidenberg because he plays a safe, sound game and Seidenberg was a 6th round pick who was never expected to make the NHL either.


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