#10 – Gabriel Vilardi, C/RW – Windsor, OHL

TSN – #5
Central Scouting – #4 NAS
ISS – #3
Future Considerations – #4
McKeens – #4
THN – #3
Craig Button – #6
Hockey Prospect – #7


COMPARABLE : Adam Deadmarsh
UPSIDE : 2nd Line RW Power Forward
FLOOR : 3rd Line RW Power Forward


It’s difficult to watch Gabriel Vilardi play and not like what you see. He’s such a hardworker, so tenacious and really gives it his all on every shift. I was watching a game against London when he was working in the corner and he had two players draped all over him and he just kept going, protecting the puck and powering through. That’s the type of player you’re getting with Gabriel Vilardi.

I do think that the Top-5 ranking he’s had most of the year has been pretty generous though. I’m not seeing the top-end skill necessary for him to be a Top-5 pick but I think as a winger, he could be a Top-6 Power Forward and a really good one at that. For some reason, I think he will eventually transition to wing like a lot of drafted centers do. Vilardi is one of the youngest players in the draft (will turn 18 in August) and a real likeable kid too.

For his comparable, I’m going old-school and comparing him to one of my favourites of all time, Adam Deadmarsh. There are a lot of things that Vilardi does on the ice that reminds me a lot of Deadmarsh. The way he skates, the way he takes the body and rubs people out and his general excellent work ethic are things that I find are quite similar. I remember reading the scouting report on Adam Deadmarsh prior to the 1993 draft and he was described as ‘a lunch-pail’ type of player in the sense that he’s always ready to get to work…I think this also rings true for Vilardi.

There are knocks on his skating and while he’ll probably never be a great skater, he’s done a good job to improve over the course of the season. So depending on how the draft unfolds, I can see a team like Las Vegas picking up a kid like Vilardi as a solid building block to their team since his ‘floor’ is pretty high, he has good upside and he’s really a low-risk pick because I think the chances that he becomes a solid NHLer are excellent.



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