#11 – Casey Mittelstadt, C – Green Bay, USHL

TSN – #6
Central Scouting – #3 NAS
ISS – #7
Future Considerations – #5
McKeens – #5
THN – #4
Craig Button – #9
Hockey Prospect – #8


COMPARABLE : Derick Brassard
UPSIDE : Top-6 Offensive Forward
FLOOR : Top-9 Offensive Forward


I find that Casey Mittelstadt is a player that is more difficult to get a good read on because he flip-flopped between stiffer competition in the USHL and much weaker competition in High-School. Against high-schoolers, he dominated but that is no surprise, he should dominate. Which top-10 ranked player wouldn’t have destroyed high-school hockey if they had been in his skates?? Middlestadt has a very good shot, he gets into the right areas of the ice to score and has a nose for the net. He’s an accomplished playmaker as well though I found him to be more of a north/south, shoot-first type of player rather than an extremely creative East/West guy.

I found this player particularly difficult to evaluate because a lot of the viewings I had, he was playing left wing and I think that he’s probably more comfortable playing center. In any case, I’ve seen a lot of people rave about Mittelstadt and have him ranked extremely high but for me, I don’t quite see that same upside that others seem to. I’ve seen him at different levels playing against weaker competition and at the U18 tournament last year where he was on a stacked team, playing with excellent players and he just never ‘wowed’ me. I see the skillset but I just don’t see the creativity to be a top line player in the NHL.

I believe there is a strong chance he will be selected within the top 10 and he has a very good chance at becoming a solid Top-6 forward but it’s not guaranteed. My comparable for him is Derick Brassard because I see him as that type of player who had a ton of expectations but took some time to put it all together. I see Mittelstadt developing like that but I’m not certain he gets to Brassard’s level.



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