#15 – Nick Suzuki, C/RW – Owen Sound, OHL

TSN – #12
Central Scouting – #10 NAS
ISS – #11
Future Considerations – #19
McKeens – #16
THN – #13
Craig Button – #11
Hockey Prospect – #18


UPSIDE : Top-6 Offensive Forward
FLOOR : Top-9 Offensive Forward


I had a real hard time getting a good read on Nick Suzuki and since that’s the case, I wanted to see him in a bunch of different games from different times throughout the year to make sure I wasn’t just catching him during a ‘lull’. He’s a really talented kid but for me, he doesn’t really control a lot of the play but plays his game within how the game develops instead. It’s not necessarily a bad thing but players who tend to play that way usually end up really good complimentary players rather than key players. He’s a player that can and will play in all situations and is especially proficient on special teams. He’s a good but not great skater, (it won’t hold him back) makes really smart plays with the puck – handling it or passing it…he’s a great playmaker and he’s got a solid work ethic.

My comparable for him is T.J. Oshie as I find he plays the same kind of skill game. Just like Oshie, who was also drafted as a center I could see Suzuki ending up converting to wing. I think at worse, if he doesn’t reach his full potential, you might have a Kris Versteeg type of player which wouldn’t be half bad. I could see teams being all over the board with this player depending on how much they like him.



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