#20 – Timothy Liljegren, RD – Rogle, SHL

TSN – #16
Central Scouting – #6 ES
ISS – #8
Future Considerations – #22
McKeens – #20
THN – #15
Craig Button – #10
Hockey Prospect – #10

UPSIDE : Middle Pairing Offensive D-Man
FLOOR : Bottom Pairing D-Man


Tim Liljegren is a fantastically smooth skater and can move the puck extremely well. He’s got a very good shot, he makes good reads and he can also set up his teammates. He’s not really a physical player but he does stand out when he’s on the ice. For me, although he’s a kid who is clearly really athletically gifted, he seems to play too much like an individual at times and too often it seemed like it needed to be about him and less about the team. That’s a bit of a red flag for me although not necessarily a dealbreaker.

From an observer’s stand point, too often did he seem visibly frustrated when things didn’t go his way and it seemed to affect his game. He’s going to have to work on that. Still, there is a lot to like with what the player can do on the ice if you think he’ll end up maturing and becoming more of a team player. I expect a team to jump on him early based on talent alone. He had a really difficult U18 tournament and was actually better at last year’s event than he was this time around. Maybe some of that was due to the expectation levels that are on him right now but that’s not going to get easier in any case.

Liljegren kind of reminds me of Ryan Murphy with all of the hype that surrounded him in the 2011 NHL Draft. The concensus ranked Murphy as a sure-fire Top-10 pick but whenever I watched him play, there was just something that was ‘off’ about his game that was hard to describe but led me to rank him 24th that year. Liljegren’s game reminds me of Murphy in that same way but I think he’ll end up a better player just due to sheer natural ability. So my actual comparable for him is Mike Green as I’m seeing a player who is athletically gifted and offensive-minded which is what Green has been throughout his career. In the end, I see him as a middle pairing d-man and his floor could be as low as a #6 bottom pairing guy.



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