#21 – Erik Brannstrom, LD – HV71, SHL

TSN – #29
Central Scouting – #9 ES
ISS – #41
Future Considerations – #18
McKeens – #19
THN – #28
Craig Button – #19
Hockey Prospect – #16


UPSIDE : Middle Pairing Two-Way D-Man
FLOOR : Bottom Pairing D-Man

A quick and agile puck-moving D-man, Erik Brannstrom had a fantastic U18 tournament to solidify his place as a first round pick. Although undersized, he looks stocky and solid. In every single viewing I’ve had of this player, he will engage other players physically…he’s not afraid at all. To give you an idea, I saw Brannstrom play in the U18 tournament in 2016 as a 16 year old and it was still the same thing…the kid is fearless and I absolutely love that about him.

He’s an effortless skater which helps him carry the puck out of trouble when needed. Sometimes he will try to do too much with the puck and holds on to it too long instead of making a simple sass but I think that is fixable and not a long-term concern. He has a good shot and is a strong option on the Power Play.

My comparable for him is Torey Krug as I find he plays that same kind of game. I think Brannstrom has middle pairing upside and a pretty high floor, I’d be surprised if he didn’t end up in the NHL as a regular player.



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