#23 – Owen Tippett, RW – Mississauga, OHL

TSN – #10
Central Scouting – #7 NAS
ISS – #5
Future Considerations – #6
McKeens – #6
THN – #7
Craig Button – #23
Hockey Prospect – #22


COMPARABLE : Phil Kessel
UPSIDE : 2nd-Line Goal-Scoring RW
FLOOR : AHL All-Star


I have watched Owen Tippett play for a long time and I’ve never really come away impressed with his overall game. There is a lot to like with the offensive part of his game but he has holes in other parts that raise a bit of a red flag for me. For instance, I don’t see a ton of second effort on loose pucks/board battles and he often seems lackadaisical gliding around waiting for plays to develop. Defense isn’t his strong suit and neither is his play away from the puck but this can be improved with time…actually, it will need to. There are not many coaches who are going to tolerate half-hearted back-checks at the NHL level. Now this may just be a “hey, I’m in junior and I’m a star player” type of thing but I don’t like to see those kinds of habits at any level.

For the positives, they are very easy to see: a very strong skater with a great stride and breakaway speed. He’s a North-South type of player that owns an absolute cannon for a shot which is deadly and accurate. The offensive skill is evident but I believe he has some work to do with his overall game before he gets to the next level. My comparable for Owen Tippett is Phil Kessel because of the way he can skate and shoot the puck but the comparisons end there. First and foremost, Kessel is a much better all-around player…he was drafted as a center who was ventually converted over to wing. I think Kessel is a better playmaker and creative player. I think Tippett has a lot of talent but he will need to work very hard to shore up certain aspects of his game for the next level.

I don’t believe this is the type of player who would do well as a 3rd/4th line depth guy so it’s probably Top-6 or bust so it’s high risk, high reward with this player.



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