#43 – Keith Petruzzelli, G – Muskegon, USHL

TSN – #53
Central Scouting – #2 NAG
Future Considerations – #78
McKeens – #37
THN – #52
Craig Button – #81
Hockey Prospect – #38


UPSIDE : NHL Starting Goaltender
FLOOR : NHL Backup Goaltender


I think if there was a rule where you could only select goaltenders when they turned 20 years old, accuracy with those picks would rise dramatically. It’s just such a difficult position to gauge especially when these guys are only 18 years old. It’s just really hard to get a great read on how goalies will turn out. For me, it’s usually more of a gut feeling…I’ll either like a guy or I won’t but it’s tough to explain why.

Keith Petruzzelli is my favourite goaltender from this year’s draft. He’s got great size and he’s got good lateral movement. I guess for me what separates him from the others in this draft is his demeanor…I really like that about him. He seems really calm and even-keeled. My comparable for him is Ben Bishop for obvious reasons. I think Petruzzelli is probably 3-4 years or more away from NHL duty as are most goalies from this draft.



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