#6 – Conor Timmins, RD – Sault Ste-Marie, OHL

TSN – #28
Central Scouting – #18 NAS
ISS – #28
Future Considerations – #44
McKeens – #23
THN – #38
Craig Button – #30
Hockey Prospect – #62


COMPARABLE : Justin Faulk
UPSIDE : Top Pairing Two-Way D-Man
FLOOR : #4 Two-Way D-Man


When I first saw Conor Timmins play, I was left in a state of déjà-vu, scratching my head. I was puzzled because I don’t get how a d-man who skates, handles and distributes the puck the way Conor Timmins does, is only ranked as a late 1st round pick by the concensus?

It’s deja-vu because “I’ve seen this movie before” back in 2010 with Justin Faulk. In the exact same manner that I couldn’t grasp why most had Faulk only ranked only as a 2nd round pick or worse [I ranked Justin Faulk 20th overall in 2010] I see the same thing going on here with Conor Timmins. Great skater, good anticipation, good size, righthanded shot, good stick, takes the body, plays a lot of minutes.

To me, this guy flags as a potential top pairing d-man. My comparable for him is that very same Justin Faulk as that’s who he reminds me of most in the way that he plays. With the draft, there is always a ton of uncertainty but not for me and not with this guy. Expect this kid to be a player.



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