#100 – Veini Vehvilainen, G – Karpat, liiga

Central Scouting – N/A
Future Considerations – N/A
McKeens – N/A
Craig Button – N/A
Hockey Prospect – N/A


COMPARABLE : Antti Raanta
UPSIDE : Back-up Goaltender
FLOOR : #3 liiga Starter

SCOUTING REPORT: This one is more of a strategic one. I remember being impressed watching Veini Vehvilainen for team Finland during the 2016 Summer Showcase. All he’s done since that time is put up stellar numbers in the top Finnish league. So for me, while it’s not really typical to select a 21 year old on his last year of draft eligibility with a draft pick, I think that strategically speaking, it makes a ton of sense to pick him up with a late pick and acquire his rights. I think that’s a much better strategy than fighting with other teams to sign him in a year or two.


COMPARABLE: My comparable for Vehvilainen is another Finn in Antti Rantta. That’s who I’m reminded of with Vehvilainen as a highly talented goaltender who could possibly develop into backup or perhaps even a starter.



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