#1 – Seth Jones, RD – Portland, WHL

TSN – #2
Central Scouting – #1 NAS
ISS – #2
Button – #1
McKeens – #1
THN – #1

A year ago, I said that Seth Jones was a phenomenal prospect, the best I’d seen since Stamkos and that it wasn’t really even close to the rest of the draft class. Well, in the end, it’s a lot closer than I initially thought, thanks to MacKinnon taking his game to another level but I still rank Jones #1 in this draft. It’s his vision and hockey sense that set him apart from the rest of the class and while MacKinnon will go on to become an offensive star and likely reach that status much quicker than Jones, when he does reach his prime his value to his team will be immeasurable.

NHL COMPARABLE: a better all around version of Alex Pietrangelo

UPSIDE: Franchise Defenceman


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