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Cale Makar Scouting Report:

This is my scouting report on Brooks Bandits defenceman Cale Makar. It’s much harder to gauge a guy like Makar because he played in a league that is a few tiers down from what I would consider ‘standard’ competition in the CHL or otherwise. He also didn’t end up playing in any international tournaments which doesn’t really help in getting an accurate read on him. He had an impressive season with a lofty 75 points in 54 games played but how much worse would other top ranked offensive d-man have done, if they were playing that level? I’m not too sure. Nevertheless, Makar is a great skater with unreal acceleration and excellent puck control. He has a hard and accurate shot and good playmaking abilities to set up teammates and is a true Power-Play Quarterback.

I’m certain that will be very appealing to a lot of teams and he’ll probably go in the top-10. Makar is a late-birthday and will turn 19 in October. To me, it’s a bit of a risky pick in the Top-10 but after that near the middle of the first round seems like good value.

My comparable for him is Tyson Barrie as that’s who he reminds me of with his skating and puck handling abilities though he may be even more dynamic. I could easily see some teams see him as Erik Karlsson on offence and a big giant question mark on defense and decide to roll the dice. If he develops and turns out to have only what can be considered ‘average defensive ability’ I think you have to call that a win and that team would end up with a hell of a player. I wouldn’t bet on it though.


    • Tyson Barrie
  • UPSIDE :
    • #3 Offensive D-Man
  • FLOOR :
    • #5 Power-Play Specialist

Other Rankings:

  • TSN – #4
  • Central Scouting – #9 NAS
  • ISS – #9
  • Future Considerations – #7
  • McKeens – #7
  • THN – #5
  • Craig Button – #3
  • Hockey Prospect – #4


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