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Cody Glass Scouting Report:

This is my scouting report on Portland Winterhawks center Cody Glass. When I got my first good look at Glass I was underwhelmed with his overall game. There was a lot of hype around this player about how he was putting up a ton of points in Portland but for me on that night, he was just ok and nothing about his game really stood out for me. I watched him again at the CHL Top Prospects game and again, I was expecting more… at least from a guy who was starting to get traction as a top-15 pick.

Then, I got another chance to watch him play for Canada at the U18 tournament. He had a real impact right away in his first game against Switzerland but didn’t do much the rest of the way in that tournament and I kind of came away underwhelmed.

So I started to ask myself “what is the deal with this guy and where is all the hype coming from”? Well, the hype is probably coming from the points that he’s putting in Portland which is impressive but never really tells the whole story. So I started to look at Glass from a different angle. Perhaps he’s not going to be that upper tier player that is going lead your team but more of a ‘middle of your lineup’ type of guy that still ends up an important part of your team? So I went back and watched 5 or 6 random Winterhawks games from this past season and started watching him under a different lens.

To me, Cody Glass is like Sam Reinhart and that’s certainly not half bad. He’s got good size, is a strong skater with a great shot. He’s a much more physical player than Reinhart and he is able to produce good numbers.

The reason I’m comparing him to Sam Reinhart is because back in 2014, mostly everyone had Reinhart in their Top-3 and a lot of people even had him as the #1 overall prospect. I ranked him 6th overall and I quote “This is just a gut feeling that he’s just not going to be as good as everyone expects. That said, he should still become a very effective 2nd line center in the NHL if all goes well”.

I could see the skill with Reinhart but there was just something that made me think he wouldn’t translate over to the pros as well as people thought. The jury is still out on that one but I see Cody Glass in the same sort of light. That being said, if you’re picking in the middle of the first round he’s a good gamble to take because should still end up at minimum a really solid NHLer for a lot of years.


    • Sam Reinhart
  • UPSIDE :
    • 2nd Line Center/RW
  • FLOOR :
    • 3rd Line Center/RW

Other Rankings:

  • TSN – #8
  • Central Scouting – #6 NAS
  • ISS – #6
  • Future Considerations – #10
  • McKeens – #8
  • THN – #10
  • Craig Button – #4
  • Hockey Prospect – #6


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