#16 – Dylan Strome, C – Erie, OHL

TSN – #5
Central Scouting – #4 NAS
ISS – #3
Craig Button – #3
McKeens – #5
THN – #4

NHL COMPARABLE: Patrick Berglund

UPSIDE: Top-9 Offensive Forward

What’s this? The top scorer in the OHL, who is draft eligible who EVERYONE has in their top-10 if not top-5 is listed at #16?? Yes, he is. I didn’t know what to expect when I first started watching Dylan Strome, I was expecting him to be a lot like his brother. It could be a big coincidence but every single time I’ve watched him, I came away unimpressed. It’s not that he doesn’t have offensive ability, he has that part of the game down pat. It’s everything else that has me questioning whether this kid is really a top 10 in this draft. Every time I’ve seen him, he’s been a step behind…whether that’s getting into the correct position in the defensive zone or coming back and taking his man or checking down low on the cycle. Some of that can be taught, sure but there’s also some of it that’s directly related to ‘compete’ and that scares me if you’re talking about a top-5 or even top-10 pick. To me, Strome has a higher bust % than anyone else I have rated going 1 through 15. I compare him to Patrick Berglund because he’s the type of player that has very good size, is a pretty good skater and would appear to be the complete package but can never consistently put it all together to be a force in the NHL. Is it possible that Strome puts everything together and becomes a talented #1 center? Yes. Is it possible that he struggles to put it all together and becomes a 3rd line center like Berglund. Yes. Is it possible that he struggles even more than that to make the NHL? Yes. That’s the reason for my ‘lower’ ranking but I fully expect an NHL team to pick him in the top 10.


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