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Filip Zadina Scouting Report


  • Upside: Top Line Scoring Left Winger
  • Floor: Top Line Scoring Left Winger
  • Comparable: Nikita Kucherov

Scouting Report:

This is my scouting report on Halifax Left Winger Filip Zadina. I remember watching the 2016 U18 tournament 2 years ago and noticing Filip Zadina and being impressed. I remember thinking “that guy could be a 2nd round pick…(thinking in the 2016 draft)”. When I saw his date of birth, I couldn’t believe he was so good and still so young so I knew that barring something unforeseen that Zadina was going to end up a really high pick in the 2018 draft. Now here we are and if he’s not selected within the first 3 picks of this year’s draft, it’s a mistake in my estimation.

Zadina’s offensive instincts are off the charts and he’s a lethal goal-scorer, that’s a dynamite combination. He knows how to get himself into the right areas to score goals. It’s also more than that with this player…the puck just seems to follow him around. The last guy that I remember used to have that happen to him all the time was Luc Robitaille. Zadina is a great skater, playmaker and plays hard every shift. He doesn’t give up on plays, he’s very tenacious and that’s one of the things that I like most about this player.

I feel comfortable in saying that I think Zadina will have a ‘Hischier-like’ impact in terms of a first-year player as soon as next season and that’s certainly saying something.


My comparable for him is Nikita Kucherov because of the way he not only shoots the puck but sees the ice and makes plays in the offensive zone. So it might not be fair to expect those kind of lofty numbers in terms of production but as far as a comparison of offensive acumen, I think he compares well that way. The other player that he reminds me of is Marian Hossa. When Hossa first broke into the NHL, he was very offensive-minded but gradually became an excellent 2-way player. I think Zadina has it in him to become a mix of everything I just mentioned here.

Other Rankings:

  • TSN – #4
  • Central Scouting – #3 NAS
  • ISS – #3
  • Future Considerations – #3
  • McKeens – #3
  • THN – #4
  • Craig Button – #3
  • Hockey Prospect – #4


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