#21 – Charles McAvoy, RD – Boston University, HE

TSN – #14
Central Scouting – #6 NAS
ISS – #23
Craig Button – #15
McKeens – #12
THN – #18

NHL COMPARABLE : Matt Niskanen
POTENTIAL : Middle Pairing D-Man
CEILING: #3 Defenseman
FLOOR: #6 Defenseman

I’m not as high on McAvoy as a lot of people seem to be but that doesn’t mean he won’t still likely turn out to becoming a solid NHL player at some point. I just feel like his upside is at best a #3-4 d-man and even that isn’t a sure thing. He kind of plays a bit like a rover, which is ok but I just don’t get the feeling like the blueline is stabilized when he’s back there. Still, this is a player who can skate and distribute the puck extremely well and that’s a precious commodity nowadays. I think in the end that McAvoy will definitely be a 1st round pick just depends who likes him more and where they’re picking. My comparable for him is Matt Niskanen and I think that’s a pretty good one for this player.


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