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This is my scouting report on Moscow Dynamo winger Klim Kostin. I had the chance to watch Kostin play in the Canada-Russia series back in the fall. I was surprised at just how much this kid reminds me of Valeri Nichushkin both in terms of talent and how they see the ice and they seem to have same skating style as well. The talent with this player is unmistakable but I think the fact that he didn’t play in North America this season (Kootenay – WHL) and chose to stay in Russia might work against him.

The way the situation unfolded with Nichushkin returning to Russia and Dallas losing out on their 10th overall pick… I think that signals a little bit of a ‘buyer beware’ type of situation with selecting Kostin. Even if you do pick him, does he end up going back if things don’t go his way and he’s unsatisfied with his role/usage? He’s obviously big and really talented but with all of those question marks, I could see him ending up as a late 1st round / early 2nd round pick.

Could be a real steal if none of the concerns end up being factors at all but it’s still a risk and why I rank him late in the 1st round.


    • Valeri Nichushkin
  • UPSIDE :
    • 2nd Line Playmaking Winger
  • FLOOR :
    • KHL Star

Other Rankings:

  • TSN – #18
  • Central Scouting – #1 ES
  • ISS – #16
  • Future Considerations – #14
  • McKeens – #21
  • THN – #14
  • Craig Button – #24
  • Hockey Prospect – #19


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