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Evan Bouchard Scouting Report


  • Upside: Top Pairing Two-Way D-Man
  • Floor: Top Pairing Two-Way D-Man
  • Comparable: Alex Pietrangelo / Sergei Zubov

Scouting Report:

One of my favourite players from this draft, I am a huge fan of Evan Bouchard. The guy is just a workhorse and a player you can throw out there in any situation. What impresses me most with Bouchard is that he possesses an upper level of offensive and defensive awareness which allows him to anticipate plays and react accordingly. He has a good shot from the point which he gets through to the net. He’s a good skater though and maybe not a great skater but it’s not a concern. He has great positioning which makes him efficient and he’ll engage physically and take the body. Most of all though, he can just find guys that are open and even sometimes when they aren’t, he finds a way to get them the puck. He seems to have ice in his veins with his poise and he uses time and space to his advantage to find teammates with crisp, accurate passes.
He’s not a flashy player and he’s not really dynamic but this guy is a hell of a hockey player and I have no doubt that he’s going to become a Top Pairing defenceman.


My comparable for Evan Bouchard is Alex Pietrangelo as I find that they play the same kind of game. I think that Bouchard is the better playmaker and Pietrangelo is probably a bit more dynamic but both are the type of defenceman that log a ton of minutes and are big, huge part of their club. The other thing that jumped out at me when I first saw Bouchard play is that he reminds me so much of the way Sergei Zubov used to distributes the puck, all those years ago for the Rangers, Penguins and Stars. Zubov wasn’t the flashiest of player but that guy was a fantastic player. Whichever team that ends up drafting Evan Bouchard will not regret it.

Other Rankings:

  • TSN – #7
  • Central Scouting – #4 NAS
  • ISS – #6
  • Future Considerations – #8
  • McKeens – #7
  • THN – #7
  • Craig Button – #9
  • Hockey Prospect – #10


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