Nolan Patrick Scouting Report:

Just because I’m ranking Nolan Patrick 3rd overall, it doesn’t mean I think he’s not going to turn into a really good NHL player it’s just that I like the other two guys ahead of him a little more. When I compare Nolan Patrick to the rest of the top guys in this class, he should be well ahead having missed the draft cut-off date by only 3 days and having had a full year of experience more than the others.

Unfortunately, it’s been an injury-plagued season for him and recovering from a sports hernia is never an easy thing and it can take a while for him to get completely healthy and feeling great. Watching Nolan Patrick play, I can see the top-end skill and I think he’s certainly going to be a pretty good player but I just don’t see him taking over anything.

Admittedly, I have had issues with this in the past; evaluating guys like Ryan Johansen and Alexander Barkov. While I’m still not a huge fan of those players, I probably ranked those guys too low because I felt they didn’t control enough of the play. In my mind, a top player that’s going to be a star has to have the ability to take over games and I just don’t see that quality with Patrick. I’ve heard Sean Monahan as a comparable for him and that sounds about right. Monahan is another player that I have some issues with because he puts up points but doesn’t really control anything.

That’s my biggest issue but with that in mind, I firmly believe that Nolan Patrick has a good combination of size and top-end skill to be a very good player in the NHL. My comparable for him is Ryan Johansen as I see Nolan Patrick in that mold and that’s certainly not bad at all.


    • Ryan Johansen
  • UPSIDE :
    • 1st Line Offensive Center
  • FLOOR :
    • 2nd Line Offensive Center

Other Rankings:

  • TSN – #2
  • Central Scouting – #1 NAS
  • ISS – #1
  • Future Considerations – #1
  • McKeens – #1
  • THN – #1
  • Craig Button – #2
  • Hockey Prospect – #2


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