#30 – Jakob Chychrun, LD – Sarnia, OHL

TSN – #13
Central Scouting – #4 NAS
ISS – #8
Craig Button – #17
McKeens – #13
THN – #9

NHL COMPARABLE : Barrett Jackman
POTENTIAL : Middle / Bottom Pairing D-man
CEILING: #4 Defenseman
FLOOR: #6 Defenseman

I think if there’s one player that’s set to fall on draft day, it will be Jacob Chychrun but that doesn’t mean he won’t be a solid NHL player. He’s got a lot of the tools that are needed to succeed in today’s NHL. He’s a bit of a wildcard in the sense that he teases you. One minute you’re looking at him and he’s carrying the puck up the ice reminding you of Ed Jovanovski and another you think you’re looking at Patrick Traverse.

The part of his game that concerns me is his decision-making and overall ability to read plays. He has a knack for sometimes making the absolute worst play at the wrong time when the simpler, safer play could have been accomplished with ease. Could that be driven out of his game? Possibly…or maybe it’s every now and again, he’ll have a spectacular blunder that makes you wonder what he’s doing out there. I still think his floor is bottom pairing guy and that he’s a good bet to reach it but I don’t think a top-20 pick would be good value at this point.

My comparable for him is Barrett Jackman….a player who looked really promising to start his career but ended being a solid but unspectacular player. Chychrun would be pretty lucky to have as good of a career when it’s all said and done.


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