#32 – MacKenzie Entwistle, C – Hamilton, OHL

TSN – #62
Central Scouting – #44 NAS
ISS – #44
Future Considerations – #36
McKeens – #50
THN – #40
Craig Button – #74
Hockey Prospect – #55


COMPARABLE : Charlie Coyle
UPSIDE : 3rd Line Two-Way Center
FLOOR : 3rd Line Two-Way Center


Mackenzie Entwistle is a big, strong two-way center that plays a North-South type of game. I guess one could argue that ‘only’ having the ‘Top Upside’ of a 3rd line center could be categorized a bad thing but it’s not when it also happens to be your floor. I see MacKenzie Entwhistle as one of the safest picks in the draft and a kid who’s a hard worker with a great work ethic. The times I’ve seen him play, he leaves it all out there. He’s a pretty good skater and has a good, hard shot but he’ll rarely wow you with an incredible skill play…but he gets in there down-low in the dirty areas and he’ll finish his checks. I think he may lack the creativity and playmaking abilities to make him more than a 3rd line player / depth player but I think he could be an excellent one.

My comparable for him is Charlie Coyle as I see him in that kind of mold though I don’t think he’ll reach that level offensively speaking. Teams needing to bolster their depth and two-way play within their system should pull the trigger on this young man, I think he’ll be selected in the 2nd round, anywhere lower than that would be a steal.



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