#34 – Brandon Carlo, RD – Tri-City, WHL

TSN – #22
Central Scouting – #25 NAS
ISS – #21
Craig Button – #52
McKeens – #29
THN – #31


UPSIDE: Middle Pairing / Bottom Pairing Defensive D-man

Oh you know some team is going to jump on Brandon Carlo early on June 26th, it’s going to happen. There is too much of a body of work for some team dreaming of a home run kind of pick for it not to happen. Doesn’t mean it will be the wisest of decisions but it could still turn out to be pretty good. I think some scouts could very well see Carlo as a big, mean, nasty version of Shea Weber and decide to make that pick, between #12 and #20 in my estimation. While I really like what Carlo brings, I’m not sure how much more he will develop. My comparable for him is Matt Greene, who is a steady d-man ranging anywhere from #4 to #6 on most teams rosters and I think that’s a likely scenario for Carlo. I will say that this players’ floor is higher than most, meaning that the chances he makes the NHL even as a bottom pairing guy are excellent.


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