#35 – Michael Rasmussen, C – Tri-City, WHL

TSN – #9
Central Scouting – #5 NAS
ISS – #10
Future Considerations – #16
McKeens – #10
THN – #8
Craig Button – #21
Hockey Prospect – #15


COMPARABLE : Kevin Hayes
UPSIDE : 2nd Line Goal-Scoring Center
FLOOR : 4th Line Center


Michael Rasmussen is a huge center at over 6’5″ and a player with a natural goal-scoring touch. I can see how a lot of people would be excited with this player and the overall package and skill-set. For me personally, I don’t really see top-end potential as I’ve seen him ranked in the top-10 on some lists this year and I think that’s a pretty big stretch. He’s put up over a point per game with Tri-City but more than half of those points came off of the Power Play. Now that’s not ‘the end-all-and-be-all’, because at least we know he can perform on the PP, but I think it might be good to keep things in perspective.

All in all, if things go perfectly, I think Rasmussen could end up like his comparable Kevin Hayes and that would be pretty good for whichever team drafts him. I think he’s likely 2-3 years away before making an NHL impact.



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