#36 – Jaret Anderson-Dolan, C – Spokane, WHL

TSN – #36
Central Scouting – #21 NAS
ISS – #31
Future Considerations – #37
McKeens – #33
THN – #33
Craig Button – #40
Hockey Prospect – #43


COMPARABLE : Nick Bonino
UPSIDE : 3rd Line Two-Way Center
FLOOR : 3rd Line Two-Way Center


Jaret Anderson-Dolan is a high energy player with an excellent work ethic. He’s a player who does a lot of things well but is not really dominant in any particular area. When I saw him for the first time, he kind of looked to me like a ‘Ryan O’Reilly-lite’ in the manner in which he skates and forechecks…that’s kind of who he reminds me of. I don’t think the top-end skill is there though with this player although there is a lot to like.

I don’t think anyone can ever accuse the man called “JAD” to not give a full and complete effort because that’s the only gear he’s got and I really like that about him. He’s a prototypical ‘team player’ and you really need those kinds of players.

My comparable for him is Nick Bonino and I think that’s a pretty good comparable in terms of skill and talent and how I see him developing in the future. I think he has an outside shot at becoming a 2nd line Center but that’s if he really exceeds what he’s shown so far. I think he’s more of a safe bet to end up a 3rd line center but a valuable one at that. I believe the floor is particularly high with this player due to his compete and work ethic. I think he’ll be taken early to mid-second round but could be a late first if a team really likes him.



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