#40 – Filip Westerlund, RD – Frolunda, SHL

TSN – #63
Central Scouting – #15 ES
ISS – #71
Future Considerations – #82
McKeens – #62
THN – #86
Craig Button – N/A
Hockey Prospect – #83


COMPARABLE : Anton Stralman
UPSIDE : #4 Two-Way D-Man
FLOOR : #6 Two-Way D-Man


I think Filip Westerlund is underrated. A good all-round d-man who is a solid puck mover and has very good defensive awareness. Those kinds of players are in high demand in today’s NHL. I don’t think he’ll ever blow anyone away offensively but he plays within his skillset in that regard. Westerlund makes good decisions with the puck, makes a good first pass and plays a safe and steady game.

You don’t get a lot of ‘flash’ with this player but he’s someone you can rely on to get the job done. He plays with a bit of an edge and my comparable for him is Anton Stralman as I think he’s in that mold. Just like Stralman took quite some time actually playing in the NHL for people to start realizing that he’s pretty darn good, I think the same will be said of Westerlund. I could see the same development curve as the type of player who graducally keeps making strides and getting better and better. I expect this player to be selected a bit later on in the draft, perhaps in the 3rd or 4th rounds. I think this kid will end up a sleeper pick.



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