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Matthew Boldy Scouting Report


  • Upside: Top Line Playmaking Winger
  • Floor: Top Line Playmaking Winger
  • Comparable: Jakub Voracek

Scouting Report:

This is my scouting report on U.S. NTDP winger Matthew Boldy. Most people don’t have Matthew Boldy in their Top-5 but watching him play throughout this season, I just don’t see how I could rank him any lower. We are talking about a player that boasts an incredibly rare combination of size, excellent skating ability, puck-control and playmaking ability. What stands out for me is just how well he can see the ice and how good his offensive awareness is. He’s no slouch defensively either as he has a strong defensive component to his game but his main focus every shift is to generate offence for himself and his linemates. When the play goes up the ice for an offensive opportunity on the rush, more times than not I’ve noticed that the 3rd forward coming back is Matthew Boldy – he’s just a tremendous hockey player.

He’s hard to miss when he’s on the ice and shifts where he’s not making something happen offensively are few and far between. With that in mind, he’s an offensive catalyst and in terms of pure playmaking ability, he’s right up there with Hughes and Kakko in this year’s draft.

Boldy is for sure more of a pass-first guy and probably needs to shoot more because he’s got a good shot but he’s just the type of player that thrives on setting up his teammates. He is able to deliver tape-to-tape passes on target with great accuracy. He controls the play in the offensive zone by hanging on to the puck, making a play and then getting open again to get the puck back and thereby creating room for his linemates.


I don’t think he gets enough credit for how much he controls the play 5-on-5 and on the PP. His hockey sense is tremendous and he is extremely skilled at keeping the puck away from opposing players with excellent puck control. His anticipation is fantastic which also allows him to be a player that coaches can rely on for the PK. He’s a deadly threat handling the puck along the half-boards on the power play. He seems to prefer to setup his teammates rather than actually score himself but he knows when the correct hockey play is to pass or shoot. He wants the puck on his stick as much as possible and this is the type of player who will also excel in 3-on-3 OT thanks to his imagination and passing abilities.

Needless to say, Matthew Boldy is easily one of my favourite prospects in this year’s draft. I feel like the sky is the limit with this player and I believe he will reach his potential.


With his vision, skating and playmaking ability Boldy reminds me of Jakub Voracek. I find that they are very similar players in the way they skate and handle the puck with Boldy being a better playmaker and Voracek being a better goal-scorer.

Other Rankings:

  • TSN – #11
  • Central Scouting – #9 NAS
  • ISS – #7
  • Future Considerations – #9
  • McKeens – #12
  • THN – #8
  • Craig Button – #5
  • Hockey Prospect – #9


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