#50 – Pierre-Olivier Joseph, LD – Charlottetown, QMJHL

TSN – #33
Central Scouting – #27 NAS
ISS – #34
Future Considerations – #50
McKeens – #38
THN – #26
Craig Button – #13
Hockey Prospect – #33


COMPARABLE : Alec Martinez
UPSIDE : #4 Two-Way D-Man
FLOOR : #6 Two-Way D-Man


I am not as high on Pierre-Olivier Joseph as many appear to be but that doesn’t mean he won’t pan out and be a good NHL D-Man. He played on a very deep Charlottetown Islanders club with a bunch of 19-20 year olds ahead of him so it’s a bit more difficult to gauge how he’ll develop. He certainly fared quite well putting up impressive numbers. Once Brisebois, Meloche and Neil all turn pro, he should be given the reigns of that defense.

He’s an excellent puck-mover and he’s a good skater but I think he could stand to improve his lateral mobility. I think he needs to fill-out but he definitely has the frame to do so. In some of the games I saw, he was easily pushed around so I think he’ll need to get stronger as well but I don’t see any of these things as major concerns. I see maybe are some question marks about his decision making and that’s the reason why I have him ranked where I do. I see him as a bit of a risky pick. Would he have performed as well or even better if he had a bigger opportunity with another club or did he perform as well as he did because of that ‘insulation’?? It’s tough to tell.

My comparable for him is Alec Martinez and I see him turning into that kind of player, if all goes well. I think P-O Joseph is athletically gifted enough to play in the NHL but it will be his decision making that determines how high he’ll end up on the depth chart.



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