#51 – Jake Oettinger, G – Boston University, NCAA

TSN – #26
Central Scouting – #1 NAG
Future Considerations – #26
McKeens – #44
THN – #32
Craig Button – #29
Hockey Prospect – #20


COMPARABLE : Steve Mason
UPSIDE : NHL Starting Goaltender
FLOOR : NHL Backup Goaltender


Jake Oettinger had an excellent season with Boston University and many have him pegged as the best goalie in this draft. For me though, I think he had about as good of a defense in front of him as you could have with McAvoy, Fabbro, Krys, MacLeod and Hickey as NHL drafted players in that group. Oettinger has ideal size, is athletic and has great reflexes. I tend to question his mental make-up as he seems to get down on himself if he lets one by that he’d like to have back and it takes away from his focus. I could see him as a late 1st round pick but for me I think the value is good as a mid/late 2nd rounder.

My comparable for him is Steve Mason and I think if all goes well, he could end up a guy who’s a middle of the pack starter.



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