#52 – Josh Brook, RD – Moose Jaw, WHL

TSN – #47
Central Scouting – #49 NAS
ISS – #66
Future Considerations – #57
McKeens – #45
THN – #49
Craig Button – N/A
Hockey Prospect – #50


COMPARABLE : Jason Demers
UPSIDE : #4 Two-Way D-Man
FLOOR : #6 Two-Way D-Man


When I got my first look at Joshua Brook, I was pleasantly surprised at how well he could skate and move the puck. He’s got good size and is a player that plays with an edge. He put up 40 points in 69 games which is pretty good for a draft eligible defenceman but I wouldn’t say that providing offense is his bread and butter. I liked his game playing for Team Canada at the Under 18s, not only did he show he belonged but he was one of the better d-man for Canada, in my opinion.

I’m comparing him to Jason Demers as he kind of flags to me like a guy that will develop like that. It could take a few years for him to come into his own, putting in the time in the AHL before he surfaces as a 22-23 year old. Now that can seem like a real long-time away but it’s an investment and one that could pay off in the long run.



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