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Dylan Cozens Scouting Report


  • Upside: Top Line Two-Way Center
  • Floor: 2nd Line Two-Way Center
  • Comparable: Patrice Bergeron

Scouting Report:

If I only had one sentence to describe Dylan Cozens it would be: “he’s a bigger but slightly less skilled version of Patrice Bergeron”. That is not praise that I hand out lightly… I think Cozens has the potential to one day become a player close to that.

He’s a hard working player with strong compete who plays hard every shift. A 200-foot player with high defensive awareness who gives a noticeable second effort. He’s impressive controlling the puck in traffic and can be dominant even with defenders draped all over him. He can go end-to-end once he gets his top gear going. Cozens is a very good skater who creates scoring opportunities for his linemates.

He gets into the right areas for good looks at the net. He uses his size to his advantage and has great hand-eye coordination. He’s the type of player that finishes his checks though he’s not overly physical. Cozens is really strong on faceoffs and a player that can be counted on heavily both on the PP and the PK.


He was exceptional at the Hlinka-Gretzky Cup tournament last August and had an excellent season in the WHL for Lethbridge. I thought that he had a more difficult time at the U18 tournament playing right wing on the top line although it certainly is nice that he showed that kind of versatility. I think that for him to be at his best, he has to feel like he’s controlling the play and that’s much harder to do at wing than at center.

At the U18s, his execution was not always on point and I feel like this was more of a confidence thing more than anything else. I’ve been there – you get one of your passes intercepted and then another one jumps over your stick and the next thing you know it snowballs and feels like nothing seems to be going right. His challenge will be to see how quickly he’s able to shake it off and start over new and get back to playing the way he can. So in that sense, I think he’s going to need some refinement at the junior level before making the jump. I’m not really worried though, I’ve seen what he’s capable of and I’m not sure if he even realizes just how good he can be.


Dylan Cozens may or may not end up as your regular high-end, top scoring center but chances are excellent that, at very worse, he ends up a fantastic two-way #2C – who can provide his share of scoring all the while doing a lot of the ‘heavy lifting’ in terms of defensive matchups. That’s where the value is for me. That’s why my comparable is Patrice Bergeron because I see him becoming an incredibly important player on a championship team.

Other Rankings:

  • TSN – #6
  • Central Scouting – #5 NAS
  • ISS – #5
  • Future Considerations – #10
  • McKeens – #5
  • THN – #3
  • Craig Button – #14
  • Hockey Prospect – #14


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