#7 – Dante Fabbro, RD – Penticton, BCHL

TSN – #16
Central Scouting – #18 NAS
ISS – #19
Craig Button – #16
McKeens – #24
THN – #17

NHL COMPARABLE : Kevin Shattenkirk
POTENTIAL : Top-3 Offensive D-Man
CEILING: #2 Defenseman
FLOOR: #4 Defenseman

Hands down, my favourite prospect out of this year’s draft. Out of all of the players in this draft, apart from the top 3 guys, this guy is the one prospect I’d be the most shocked if he didn’t develop into a solid top-3 guy. I believe the floor on this particular player is very high. I’d put it at middle pairing with the possibility to become a top pairing d-man someday.

Fabbro is an elite puck distributor and has excellent vision and superior hockey sense. He has a knack for just finding guys whether that’s on the Power Play or 5-on-5 with a perfect pass, right on the tape that you just don’t see normally with players this age outside of the top-10 of a draft class. While he’s only average in size and a ‘good’ but not great skater, his smarts + instincts make up for any deficiencies in that regard.

For me his comparable is Kevin Shattenkirk and I think that’s pretty fitting. I could see Fabbro not being as good offensively but perhaps better defensively thanks to excellent decision-making and positioning. While most won’t be able to find a place for him inside the top-10, I couldn’t keep him out of my top-10 because he’s just too damn good. In fact, I’m not even certain Fabbro himself realizes how good he can even be.


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