#7 – Jakub Zboril, LD – Saint John, QMJHL

TSN – #14
Central Scouting – #12 NAS
ISS – #22
Craig Button – #26
McKeens – #20
THN – #22

NHL COMPARABLE: Marc-Edouard Vlasic

UPSIDE: Top-3 Two-way D-Man

He is hands-down my favourite prospect in this years draft. I see him as a home run pick. Fantastic puck moving d-man, with great skating ability who can anticipate and read plays with a bit of a mean streak. I see his FLOOR as a #4 guy and he could become a top pairing guy who’s hard to play against. I don’t expect Zboril to be a top-10 pick but the team who ends up getting him (likely between #11-20) should be thrilled because they are getting top-10 value, in my opinion. My comparable for him is Marc-Edouard Vlasic because I see the same type of solid two-way play eventually from a kid like Zboril.


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