(HM) – Jacob Cederholm, RD – HV71, SWE.

TSN – #78
Central Scouting – #16 ES
ISS – #48
Craig Button – #99
McKeens – #70
THN – #68

NHL COMPARABLE : Connor Murphy
POTENTIAL : Middle Pairing D-Man
CEILING: #5 Defenseman
FLOOR: AHL Call-up / European Regular

Jakub Cederholm is a huge project that some team is going to take a gamble on in the later part of the draft. He’s still extremely raw but there is something there with this guy. He’ll show you a quick glimpse and then it’s kind of gone leaves you wondering whether he’s still got another few notches to reach. I don’t expect him picked before the 3rd or 4th rounds….could be much later than that.


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