(HM) – Tage Thompson, RW – Connecticut, HE

TSN – #27
Central Scouting – #20 NAS
ISS – #24
Craig Button – #32
McKeens – #25
THN – #47

NHL COMPARABLE : David Clarkson
POTENTIAL : Top-9 Grinding Winger
CEILING: 3rd Line RW
FLOOR: AHL Call-up

Another player who’s a bit of a project, who to me flags at best as a 3rd line grinding winger with nice size if all goes well and he develops as he should. Most people have this player ranked a lot higher. I gotta call them like I see him and while I haven’t had as many viewings of him as the rest of the group, I guess I just don’t see it. He’s got great size and he’s a good skater and shooter but I think you need more than that in today’s game to be a top-6 guy.


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